Projects – Turnkey Projects with ELK

We carried out our first turnkey project with ELK in the spring of 2009 for Harepath LLP. Exel are one of the founder members and shareholders of EBS elk Ltd and the use of this high quality off-site manufactured system shapes our current business model. ELK buildings can be bespoke to most buildings and we have used this system on multi-storey flats, high quality detached houses, schools and student accommodation.

We are now in our fourth year in providing this turnkey solution and it is gathering momentum. Our current clients include two Housing Associations, Network Housing Group and A2 Dominion who have seen the benefits of the quality and speed and cost savings that can be achieved. Coupled with the high rating that the buildings for the Code for Sustainable Homes, code 5 becoming the norm, we are happy to offer our clients this turnkey solution.

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